5th Block is proud to bring Freebords to Minnesota! If you know about Freebords, then you know these are the hottest PRVs* since roller skates. They’ve been around for years and years, but they hadn’t hit the Midwest much – until now! 5th Block is the first Official Freebord Dealer in MN!

They’re like a longboard, but not. They’re like a skateboard, but not. What they were designed to be is an off-snow snowboard trainer; what they turned out to be is a whole new kind of ride.

Check out the links to videos below – take a longboard, and add two more wheels inside the hangers along the center line of the board. Let these wheels spin around as needed, and make them extend just a bit lower than the four ‘edge’ wheels – NOW you’ve got a longboard that edges like a snowboard: you ride on two edge wheels and the two center wheels, and you’ve got a carving edge. And just like a snowboard, if you turn the board with less edge pressure, you sliiiiiiide, with how much slide depending on how much edge pressure. Got it?

So you’re slaloming down a hill, switching edges, drawing nice imaginary S’s, and you need to stop – turn hard, and dig your uphill edge, and STOP. Bindings on the top of the board keep your feet in place way better than griptape alone – your feet aren’t locked in, you can just pull out – but you can exert way more pressure turning your board. And – the board goes with you when you leave the ground!

Check out this video of Freebord team riders working the ramps – 360s and BACKFLIPS! Totally insane!
Freebord video

Drop on in and check out all of our Freebords… get yours now, and shred all summer!

*PRV: Pavement Riding Vehicle

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